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Notices And Disclosures

Notices And DisclosuresCollege of Saint Mary is committed to the principle of promoting access to information that will allow consumers such as students, parents, counselors, researchers, and legislators to make informed decisions about postsecondary education.  This page provides a single access point to all federally mandated reports and disclosures.  You can follow the links to get more detail on any of these topics. 

General Information
.pdf Contact Information
.pdf Notice of Availability of Financial Aid and Student Records

Financial Aid
Link Contact Information
.pdf Code of Conduct for Educational Loans 
Link Types of Student Aid
.pdf Federal Student Aid Penalties For Drug Law Violations
.pdf Return Of Financial Aid 
Link Refunds 
Link Federal Work Study

Link Accreditation
Link Academic Programs
.pdf Academic Facilitites
.pdf Transfers

Campus Information
.pdf Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Information  
.pdf Campus Security and Fire Report
.pdf Facilities & Services Available To Students With Disabilities 
.pdf Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
.pdf Computer Use
.pdf Peer-To-Peer File Sharing Policy
.pdf Missing Student Notification Procedures
.pdf Student Activities and Organizations
.pdf Student Complaint Process
Link Textbook Information 
.pdf Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures
.pdf Vaccination Policies
.pdf Voter Registration

Campus Statistics
.pdf Athletic Program Participation and Financial Support
Link College Statistics (Retention Rate, Student Body Diversity, Graduation Rate)
.pdf Disaggregation of Graduation Data
.pdf Graduate and Professional Education Outcomes
Link Price of Attendance
Link Refund Policy
.pdf Requirements For Withdrawal
.pdf Veterans Readmission Policy

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