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AQIP Action Projects

AQIP action projects are the most obvious activities of an AQIP organization. CSM has three projects on-going at all times. One of the three projects must address our primary mission of helping students learn. The following are attributes of AQIP action projects. AQIP action projects:

  • Examine and recommends improvements on CSM’s key processes
  • Are temporary with a defined beginning and end
  • Generally cross departmental lines
  • Are worked on by a team whose members represent different CSM departments
  • Help CSM learn and change while accomplishing something significant
  • Embody challenging but doable goals
  • Focus on both efficiency and benefits to students and other stakeholders

Suggestions for future action projects can come from anyone with an interest in CSM, i.e., students, faculty, staff, students, parents or alumnae. Those who have access to MyCSM can complete the Quality Improvement Form by clicking here. Those who do not have access to MyCSM send your suggestion to

Completed Projects
The following projects have been completed at CSM since 2005:

  • Developed and implemented CSM's first doctoral program. The program is in education with specialization in health professions.
  • Developed methods and instruments to assess and improve CSM staff members' information technological skills.
  • Developed an online advising handbook for faculty to systematize the process for all undergraduate students.
  • Designed a process to generate and prioritize action project ideas promoted through an Action Project Handbook. 
  • Created an informative packet of materials for new staff and a Staff Development Committee to create and carry out staff development activities.
  • Improved processes and criteria regarding pre-college courses.
  • Recommended several means to increase students' global awareness including reactivation of the Multicultural Association of Students and encouraging study abroad.
  • Assessed opportunities for student engagement in co-curricular activities.
  • Recommended development of a strategic planning committee for all new student orientation activities and an on-line orientation for nontraditional students.
  • Developed an online process for student semester financial arrangements (SFA).
  • Defined qualities and skills for leadership for CSM students.
  • Established the Center for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.
  • Developed institutional student learning goals.
  • Completed a framework for the CSM data management system.
  • Recommended strategies that will increase the response rate of student course evaluations.
  • Recommended establishment of wellness program for faculty and staff that included a "wellness culture," organizational structure, activities, and incentives.
  • Recommended development of curricular and co-curricular financial literacy courses/programs.
  • Developed curricular and co-curricular implementation plan for undergraduate student learning goals. The plan included recommendations and templates for mapping the goals, communication plan and an institutional committee to implement and oversee the process.
  • Recommended that there was sufficient interest/need to proceed to investigate e-portfolio platforms at CSM.
  • Identified resources and collected, synthesized and analyzed data and information to respond to the questions in the 2012 AQIP Systems Portfolio.

Current Projects
The goals of the current projects are to: 

  • Review and further develop CSM's staff search, hiring and orientation processes through the lens of the mission.
  • Develop measurable goals and a process for implementing electronic portfolios at CSM; determine processes to promote their uses and benefits; and recommend professional development and training needs of E-portfolio users.
  • Assess areas of weakness in CSM undergraduate student writing and make recommendations to improve student writing in the curriculum and the co-curriculum, and recommend professional development faculty and/or staff need to implement these changes.
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