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Benefits of an All Women's College
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Student Learning Goals

Student Learning Goals

Students will be well-prepared to contribute to society as educated citizens

  • Think creatively, critically, and reflectively, incorporating theory and practice
  • Communicate effectively in writing, speech, and non-verbal expression
  • Demonstrate professional demeanor
  • Demonstrate personal accountability
  • Utilize current technological media in a proficient manner
  • Demonstrate financial literacy

Broaden personal and professional perspectives

  • Acknowledge the sources of personal perspectives and attitudes
  • Evaluate historical, cultural, environmental, sociological, psychological, and political influences
  • Create an inclusive environment that embraces differences
  • Challenge bias and inequity
  • Engage in thoughtful/respectful civil discourse
  • Experience another culture within or beyond the United States

Enrich spirituality

  • Appreciate religion and spirituality
  • Develop moral and ethical principles
  • Cultivate the integration of faith and reason
  • Understand the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy
  • Appreciate beauty and its link with peace

Deepen their sense of personal worth and human dignity

  • Appreciate the fundamental dignity of all persons
  • Engage in thoughtful self-reflection
  • Exhibit work/life balance
  • Develop confidence as a woman
  • Work effectively within groups and teams

Be effective leaders

  • Utilize effective leadership styles and approaches
  • Experience opportunities to exercise leadership
  • Understand the link between service and leadership
  • Recognize human interdependence with the earth, its resources, and all of creation
  • Contribute to the common good

Students will become professionally competent

  • Demonstrate basic mastery in their disciplines
  • Plan and think strategically
  • Conduct primary and/or secondary research
  • Understand the value of the liberal arts
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