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MathematicsThe College of Saint Mary (CSM) offers a four-year degree leading to a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. This is an extremely flexible degree in that students are able to select other areas to either minor or double major in and still graduate in four years. Possible options include secondary education, business information systems, biology, chemistry, or other areas of interest to the student. 

Advantages of the math program at CSM include small class size (typical upper level math classes consist of four to eight students), an all women learning environment, and invigorating classroom discussions.

Mathematicians are valued in many job areas for their ability to analyze and solve problems. Math graduates from the College of Saint Mary are employed in diverse career areas that include actuaries, teachers, network analyst, graduate school and Inquire Nowprofessional sales. Job demand in areas such as teaching and actuary work continue to grow for math majors. 

Marie Curie Scholarship Program

.pdf Math Placement Test




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