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Undergraduate Minors

The College of Saint Mary understands an academic minor is usually one specific area of study* that students seek in addition to an academic major area of study. A minor area of study usually requires 18-20 credits. Students are expected to officially declare an academic major first and will have until the first semester of their junior year to declare a minor.

*Some academic fields, such as that of language arts or social studies, are referred to as a “group" minor because they encompass multiple fields of study. For example, language arts might include the fields of English, theatre, and communications, where social studies might include the fields of history, political science, and economics.

BIO  Biology 
BIS Business Information Systems
CHM Chemistry 
COM Communication
BAC CSM Business
ECE Early Childhood Education
ENG English
FNA  Fine Arts 
FOS Forensic Science
SCI General Science
HIS History
HSV Human Services
PLG Paralegal Studies:Nursing Majors Only
HUM Humanities
MTH Mathematics
MUS Music
PHL Philosophy
PED Physical Education
PSY Psychology
SED Secondary Education
SOC Sociology
SPN Spanish
SPE Special Education
THL Theology
WST Women’s Studies


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