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Placement Exams

Placement ExamsMost students are placed automatically into classes based on their ACT/SAT sub scores. Under special circumstances students may take CSM's placement exams which are online and can be taken only once. Successful completion does not grant college credit; these exams are for placement only. Review prior to exams is strongly recommended. Placement exams are given in groups prior to new student registrations to those students who qualify. 

Students are given 60 minutes to write an essay on a topic. The essay is automatically scored; a score of 1-7 places the student in ENG 099, Developmental English. A score of 8-12 places a student in Eng 101, English Composition I.  A grammar review guide is available for purchase in the College Campus Store. In addition, Skills Bank writing software may be used for English review. Please see Achievement Center staff for assistance. 

The math placement exam consists of multiple choice questions. A pop up calculator is available for select questions. A student who passes elementary algebra will take a second math assessment to determine placement. A student with an unsatisfactory score on the initial math exam places into Mth 098, Developmental Math. A math placement introductory algebra review guide is available for purchase in the College Campus Store, or may be accessed online by clicking the link under "Placement Exams" on the Achievement Center's Learning Support home page. 

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