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Lied Fitness Center

The Lied Fitness Center consists of six different areas that are available for use
Indoor Pool
Central Issue:
The heart of the Lied Fitness Center, this is where you register for new programs, check out equipment and obtain general information.

The full-court gym is located on the lower level, with entrances on both levels.

Indoor Walking Track:
The track is located on the upper level above the gym.  It consists of 2 lanes:
* Inside Lane - 15 laps = 1 mile
* Outside Lane - 14 laps = 1 mile

Weight Room:
The weight room is located on the lower level.  It consists of a treadmill, bikes, stair steppers, free weights and various weight machines.

Indoor Pool:
The pool is located on the lower level.  It is 4 feet at the shallow end and 7 feet at the deep end.  The entrances are through the locker rooms.  A sundeck is located outside the pool deck.

Multi-purpose Room:
This room contains a full wall mirror, ballet bar, aerobic steps, stretching mats and television with a DVD player and VCR for workout tapes.  It is located on the upper level across from Central Issue.

Equipment Available:
Towels, basketballs, volleyballs and soccer balls.

Pool Equipment Available:
Noodles, aqua belts, kick boards, child floats, water barbells and beach balls.

Locker Rooms:
Located on the lower level of the Lied Fitness Center.  They contain locker/changing areas, restroom and shower stalls, hair dryers and swimsuit dryers.

Apply For Membership To The Lied Fitness Center 

Use of all areas is subject to change due to classes, sports practices, rentals and special events.  Please call ahead to check availability.

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